Processing of tapes via ACB

  • Electronic delivery of Vet reports and Unpaid entries.
  • Outsourcing for companies who do not want to invest in developing a program for ACB usage or purchasing tape drives as required for ACB tape usage
  • TSM900 - branch code table as supplied by ACB
  • We also provide an outsource facility for clients who are preparing ACB formatted files, but are unable to prepare the magnetic tapes for input to ACB

Money Collection from Debtors

  • is useful for companies collecting regular monthly instalments (Insurance Premiums, Investments, Medical Aid Premiums and Service Fees)!!
  • ensures that the client’s premiums are paid on time
  • assists in managing cash flow projections, giving you more control over incoming funds

Payments to Creditors

  • a cost-effective way of paying creditors
  • cuts down on Fraud as no cheques need to be written
  • for bank reconciliation purposes, only one entry appears on the bank statement
  • no cheque clearance required
  • dividend Refunds

Salary and Wage Payments

  • cost effective way to manage your payroll
  • no need to pay your staff by cheque - the money is deposited directly into their accounts
  • convenience! Your payments are made in one single transaction
  • staff safety – staff no longer need to carry large sums of cash on them

For information on how to take advantage of this exclusive service, our details are available on the Contact page


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